You Belong Here!






We are so excited to start our Back to Church "Everyday I'm Praising Him" Challenge! We need your help packing out the house on September 15th, by getting the word out that Victory In Praise is an awesome house of worship and a place where the community belongs!

How can you get involved or help?

1) Download or play the song, recording yourself having your own praise party, Victory In Praise Stockton style! You may do this by yourself, but the more the merrier! Get your entire family involved, your small group or other ministry group.

























2) Post your video on your page, using these hashtags #BTCSatVIP#VIPStockton #VIPPraisinHim #ComeToVIP #VictoryInPraise#BacktoChurch

3) Tag your friend, family, co-workers and neighbors and Invite them to church on September 15!

4) Sign up to go out in the community to pass out Flyers and/or join the Flash Mobb! They will be going out weekly to praise pray and pass out flyers in the community!

Every Sunday is a great day to invite your neighbor, your friends, your co-workers to church or a Small Group. We design our services, our small groups and activities so that no one feels left out! 

Last year we launched 23 Small Groups all over the area! These groups meet at different times, different days and have different demographics...but they all have one single focus...reminding people that they are loved by God and not alone. We also have over 30 operating ministries service the church and community. For more information on how to join any of these groups, click the links below!