Lady Trena Turner

What an amazing life this is!


This life is full of wonder and amazement, ups and downs, and so many new experiences waiting to be had.  My life is filled with beautiful people (some that have pressed me to live my best Christian life, lol) and filled with people, perhaps even you, that are yet waiting for our paths to cross.  I am moved to encourage each of you, wherever you are on your own personal life’s journey, to take time out to realize that there is beauty, joy and love all around you, you just have to find it.


I find joy and love serving in ministry with my husband of 39 years – what an amazing man of faith he is, and oh the laughter and great times we have, as we navigate through this journey.  I find joy and love in my family and in the children; grand babies, nieces and great nieces/nephews and also in all of the many children that God sends into our VIP ministry. We get to watch them blossom before our very eyes and go off to college, start families and into various ministry roles! I find joy and love in nurturing precious friendships that have withstood the test of time and well as the excitement of fostering new relationships; discovering personality traits, likes and dislikes. For me, there is joy in reading, relaxing, bike riding,  and in occasionally enjoying the theatre,  I find love in catching up with neighbors, sharing a good meal, and even in struggling with life’s hardships knowing, that you have others right there fighting by your side.


Yes, life is full of disappointments and things that did not go so well.  I choose to keep ‘those’ times in their proper perspective and not let them cast lasting shadows over my joyous experiences.  I give God all the glory and honor for His blessings and His goodness.  This, is a good life.  It is so good that I don’t want to keep it to myself.  I invite you to share it with me, share it with us.  Stop by our ministry at your next opportunity.  Come, be a part of Victory In Praise, experience the difference; experience the love.

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